Thank you for the thousands of emails in support of the original translations of Japanese Twitter accounts of the March 11th quake on my Facebook note, "Japan Quake as Seen from Twitter". Now, together with ten classmates and friends in the University of Cambridge, I have launched this blog to continue translating the voices of the Japanese people on their road to recovery.
- Jun Shiomitsu -

Sunday, March 11, 2012

March 11th, A Day To Show Kindness To Those Who Grieve


March 11th, this day will always bring back sad memories, not only people in the effected regions.  My heart goes out to the people in these areas.  I cannot even begin to imagine the grief of losing loved ones.  I believe March 11th should be a day when we show kindness to those around us who are hurting, those who grieve.   

A "Thank you" Day, Not an "Anti-Nuclear" Day


{How to spend March 11th} For those of you who are not directly in touch with the hard-hit areas, please commemorate this day by making it a day when you say “thank you for everything always” to those closest to you, those who care for you, those you love.  Remember that a day could suddenly come when you will no longer get to see them again.  This should not be a day for demonstrations and protests against nuclear energy.   

A Day to Remember, Despite the Memories


March 11th, the unforgettable day of the Tohoku Earthquake.  The media this day can show us much that can bring our spirits down as we remember that day.  However, it is also the day that united Japan.  There are also people born on March 11th to whom the day is a memorial … Happy birthday to you. 


One youtube clip has been receiving a lot of views in Japan.  It is a video remembering the tragedy of March 11 one year ago and thanking the world for its kindness and charity.  "Arigato", which the featured people repeatedly say in this video, means "Thank you".

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Prayer for Japan ... One year on

The people of Japan have made a stunning recover, one year on from the tragic earthquake and tsunami that devastated its Tohoku area coastline on March 11th, 2011.  However, there is still much that needs praying for ... cities to rebuild, people to encourage, nuclear issues to resolve, and, last but not least, souls to save.

During the next few days, Voices From Japan will once again translate tweets of the people on the ground, giving you the human side of the story that headlines may not be able to.  Please stay tuned.