Thank you for the thousands of emails in support of the original translations of Japanese Twitter accounts of the March 11th quake on my Facebook note, "Japan Quake as Seen from Twitter". Now, together with ten classmates and friends in the University of Cambridge, I have launched this blog to continue translating the voices of the Japanese people on their road to recovery.
- Jun Shiomitsu -

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Incredible Number of Ambulances

An hour has passed … there is a tremendous number of ambulances going in and out of Miyagi Nohara Hospital.  The earthquake caused an instant blackout again, but thankfully the power seems to have been restored. 

(Original Japanese Text)
もう1時間たったのか… 宮城野原の国立病院近く、救急車がすごい数往来してる。 地震で一瞬停電したけど、ほどなく復活したのが幸い。

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