Thank you for the thousands of emails in support of the original translations of Japanese Twitter accounts of the March 11th quake on my Facebook note, "Japan Quake as Seen from Twitter". Now, together with ten classmates and friends in the University of Cambridge, I have launched this blog to continue translating the voices of the Japanese people on their road to recovery.
- Jun Shiomitsu -

Monday, April 4, 2011

Cambridge University Judge Business School Discusses Japan Quake & Economy

In this podcast, Dr. Matthias Holweg from the University of Cambridge Judge Business School discusses the impact of the devastation left by the March 11th earthquake and tsunami on Japan's economy.

According to Dr. Holweg, supply chains from Japanese electronics, automotive and aerospace manufacturers face short-term disruption. But in the medium- to long-term it will be business as usual for production outside Japan. However, he says that worldwide companies are being forced to reconsider their global supply chains by the 'turmoil' in the oil and energy markets. "We will see a change from global supply to products made locally to local demand."

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